If you like New York in the 70s, like some FRESH, FUNKY, stuff, you'll like Night of the Juggler. Man, what a film, and
            what an amazing chase sequence! I'll say no more. Click on the poster to the right to watch it (FREE).                                   
            I've seen this said before, but there's a hidden genre out there called "New York is Hell" and this fits into it. So do other
            films like 'Escape From New York' or 'Jason Takes Manhattan'. Just very jaded, sometimes fictional, always exaggerated
            (whether or not NY is really atche-e-double-hockey-sticks I have no idea I'm not from there) depictions of the city. 
            FULL DISCLOSURE: this film is insanely inappropriate and contains racist and bigoted stereotypes.

   The Wayback machine, part of the Internet Archive project, is an invaluable resource for those with the inclination
            for archiving. But it is also an endless source of entertainment. While using GifCities (which I am sure many of
            you have for your own sites), you can click on the GIF and it will take you to the web page it was pulled from, usually
            via the Wayback machine. I enjoy browsing the old web in this fashion, because you'll look at a GIF like this
            funny snow globe (to the right) and think to yourself: 'wow, what the heck is the relevance of THAT one'? Anyways, that  
            leads to a site full of poems mostly. Another site I would recommend for some casual reading would be
            >>https://web.archive.org/web/19961223105317/https://www.feedmag.com/<<. Some interesting articles for sure.
            especially when you look at Feedmag today and see that it's ONLY celebrity/athlete profiles.

   Recently, I have started watching 'Alone', from the History Channel. You can watch the first few seasons for free on their
           website (with ads of course). I was using soap2day.to to watch it, but they closed up shop recently :-( . I recommend
           it for sure. It can be pretty entertaining, and unintentionally funny.

  If you need a new MMO to get into, try out ToonTown: Corporate Clash. It's like TT Rewritten, only a LOT of things have
           been improved. The whole combat system has been reworked to have more 'flow'. Lets face it, TT is fun but it can get
           repetitive after a while. CC fixes a lot of issues TT has, and makes some much needed quality of life improvements. Give
           it a try! It's free. Click on the icon to the right to check out the website.